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Jack Scroggins has been in Sales and Marketing for over 40 years, Jack was a merchandiser for the old Avery Montgomery Wards.  He then moved on to working for Kinney Wallcoverings (Imperial Wallcoverings and Fabrics) as a Wallcovering specialist. Most of his career with Imperial he was Territory manager and Key Accounts Manager.  Over the years he has designed and built trade show booths and set up shows in various States.  Over a 17 year period Jack increased his sales from $300,000 to 3 millon.  Jack did a lot of traveling for the companies that he worked for all those years.  After 21 years the company laid off 6 long time employees in which Jack was one of them.  It was 10 years prior to his planned retirement date.

I worked several jobs for a few years until I finally became a counselor for the Archdioscese of Los Angeles Cemetery Dept., as a cemeterian.  He finally became a funeral counselor for Reardon Simi Valley Funeral Home.  I learned everything there was to know about the funeral business.  
Jack opened his business 3 years ago Jack Scroggins Marketing Services specializing in Cemetery Grave Marker, Granite and Bronze and also does signs, promotional products, business cards, automobile wraps, and a large variety of interesting products!

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